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Properties of High Density Polyethylene Pipes

Light Weight

- The weight of PE pipes is only about 1/5 of a steel pipe of similar size.
- Easy Handling.
- Significant cost savings in handling and transportation.


- Superior physical and chemical-resistant properties.
- Can be used in a large number of apllications and industries.


- Natural Flexibility.
- Can be bent to conform to terrain contours and able to adapt to soil movement.
- Can be bent a minimum radius of 25 t0 40 times of the pipes diameter.
- Long length without joints.

Chemical Resistance

- Good chemical resistance to most common organic and non-organic chemicals, from pH values of 0 - 14.
- Resistant to rotting or rusting.

Ultra-Violet Resistance

- Polyflow PE pipes is protected against Ultra-Violet radiation (sunlight).

Superior Flowability

- PE pipes have extremely smooth inner surface giving the lowest flow resistance.
- No scaling or corrosion encrustation.

Non-toxic and Odourless

- Physiologically harmless.
- Free from toxicity and does not affect the taste of drinking water.

Impact Resistance

- High flexural and impact strength.
- Will not crack, break or fracture when handled roughly.

Lower Overall Project Costs

- Lower overall project costs from all the good properties of PE pipes.

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